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      F.A.Q – Tango Appliers

      Please be aware that this F.A.Q. is only for the Tango Breasts and not for the Bodies.

      Most of [Cynful]′s Appliers are meant?to wear with the mesh Item, therefore it wont fit on any Mesh Bodies.

      • Can’t get the Cynful Applier textures to show on your Tangos?

      Step 1 – Click on your Tango’s? (you should see a menu appear on the top right hand corner of your screen)
      Step 2 –? Select? <Clothing>? and then? <Tank Top>? – you should see the default Tango’s Tank Top texture appear
      (selecting Dress Top and Dress Bra will work too)
      Step 3 – Wear the Cynful Applier (you should see this worn on your HUD centre bottom of your screen)
      Step 4 – Press the button on the Cynful Applier to apply the texture
      Following the above steps will make the Cynful Applier textures show on your Tangos.

      • The applied texture does not seem to fit?

      Since each shape and size of breasts are different, you may need to ‘scale’ the texture manually.

      Here’s how we do it:
      Step 1 – Right-mouse-click on your attached breasts, select ‘Edit’
      Step 2 – On the menu that appears, choose ‘Select Layer’ (or Select Face) and then click on your attached breasts
      specifically where you see the applied texture
      Step 3 – Adjust the values in the ‘Repeats per face’ and/or ‘Texture Offset’ until you see a desired result
      Note: Manually scaling textures requires some experience and a little bit of patience.

      • Applying Tattoos to your Tangos:

      Apply the Tatt texture, detach the tangos, rezz them.
      Step 1 – Rezz the Tango’s on the ground
      Step 2 – Right-mouse-click and select ‘Edit’
      Step 3 – On the menu that appears select ‘Edit Linked Parts’ and then select the bra mesh layer
      Step 4 – Delete both textures out of the bra mesh layer and wait a minute until you see a reset message about the Tangos appear in your local chat – its important that you wait until its finished
      Step 5 – Take the Tango’s back into your inventory then attach them
      Step 6 – Apply your clothing layer the usual way.

      Did you know?
      Lola! Tango Appliers also work on the Lush 1.3 mesh breasts & Lola Delicq.
      To apply the Cynful Tango Appliers to your Lush 1.3 Breasts, simply attach the Lush hud.
      Lola! Push-Up Appliers work on mused, mci, ecorp and iboobs breasts.