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      [Cynful] Clothing & Co. News 08/18/2016

      Hello again sexy ladies!!

      We are happy to bring you the SunBabe Swimmsuit! Now available in the Main store as well as on Marketplace! <3
      We are participating in some Events this month, and you don’t want to miss the Specials!

      Keep reading, we have a group gift for you too!

      ? Mainstore ?

      ?[Cynful] Sun Babe Swimsuit

      Each color is hud controlled with following Options:

      20 Outline Colors
      20 Strap Colors

      However, the fatpack includes 4 specials base colors and 21 Outline as well as Strap Colors. PLUS you will be able to color the Tie in the back!

      Belleza Isis, Freya and Venus
      Maitreya Lara
      SLink Hourglass + Physique

      Recent Mainstore release:

      ? Casual Cut Dress:

      Each color is hud controlled:
      2 base Textures (Solid + Ombre)
      40 Solid Outline Colors
      10 Panty Colors + On/off Option (non panty option included!)

      Belleza Isis, Freya + Venus
      Maitreya Lara
      SLink Physique + Hourglass

      ? Divine Heels:

      The Divine Heels are straped and pointy heels for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink High Feet.

      We only sell it as a fatpack cause of its many customizable Options!

      The back, and front can be customized with 24 colors each, as well as the heel, sole and both straps – but for those we also included 4 metals!

      The colors match the Casual Cut! ?

      Belleza Isis, Freya + Venus
      Maitreya Lara
      SLink Physique + Hourglass

      ? Events ?

      ? Events ?

      ? The Dressing Room

      [Cynful] Temptress

      For this round of the Dressing Room,? we are bringing you the Temptress Dress in 3 special colors and in 3 discounted Mainstore colors. It is 50% off just at The Dressing Room Event!

      HUD Options for each color:

      You can choose between:
      -20 different Outliner/Zipper Outerline + Inline colors
      -16 zipper metals
      -And you have a pantie option which can also be hidden if your the “non-pantie” kinda person! <3

      Following Sizes are included:
      Belleza (Venus, Freya + Isis)
      Maitreya (Lara)
      Slink (Physique + Hourglass)

      ? Mesh Body Addicts Fair

      [Cynful] Mai Tai

      [Cynful] is sponsoring along with so many other awesome sponsors/designers the MBA Fair 2016!
      For this event, the [Cynful] team, has created a super sexy summer tube dress. This dress hugs your curves in a perfect way!

      Hud controlled options for each color:
      1 Solid, 1 Ombre and 1 Striped version

      *Belleza (Venus, Freya + Isis)
      *Maitreya (Lara)
      *SLink Physique + Hourglass

      ? Group Gift ?

      [Cynful] Hipster Denim Jumpsuit

      The Aug/Sept Group Gift is the Hipster Jumpsuit in a special Ombre!

      Make sure to have your group tag enabled and click the Display Window to receive it!

      Following Mesh body sizes are included:
      Belleza (3), Maitreya Lara and Slink (2).

      We hope you like it!

      We also have 5 lucky boards in the mainstore. Two of them contain non updated items. Three boards contain updated items and some recent items, they also contain recent event items. So come try your luck at the mainstore. Maybe you are lucky enough to win something you actually wanted to purchase :)

      Well ladies thats it for now. All we can say is, Happy shopping!

      Cynthia, Promise & Angelina ?


      Cyn, Promise & Team


      Cynthia′s Marketplace
      Promise′s Marketplace
      Angelina′s Marketplace



      Cynful banner marketplace2
      Happy Shopping,
      ? Cyn, Pro and Ang
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