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      [Cynful] Clothing & Co. Blogger Seach round 1 result <3

      Hello lovelies! ?
      We hope you have a good start in your sunday! ?

      First of all, we would like to take the opportunity and thank everyone
      for taking the time to apply for the [Cynful] Blogger Search round 1 in 2016.

      We will have another application round probably in the end of 2016!

      We have received so many applications, it was overwhelming and exciting at the same time! ?

      Due the fact that we did receive so many applications we had to look really closely who fits to our expectations and who we would like to see grow just a bit more.

      We went ahead and contacted the bloggers who we think are a good fit.

      To everyone else, we truly appreciate the time you took to apply and to show our appreciation we credited 250L$ to your [Cynful] Store Credit account.


      Much Love,
      Cynful Team



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